Custom Latex and Leather Cutting

Some people (and even some drones) like to make their own latex and leather projects. Sounds like fun! NEOGASM offers these crafty folks – as well as businesses working with latex and leather – our services for cutting the tricky parts of such projects. Lettering, lacy trim, fringe, and other delicate details just look better if they’re cut by programmable rubber drones. Ok, we actually use a finely-tuned laser cutter, and the detail is superb.

Here’s how the process works:

Want latex or leather pieces cut in specific sizes, shapes, and patterns? Start by using this form to send us the relevant details.
We’ll ask you for any files or images you might have that would help us cut the pieces you want.
We’ll send you a quote for the design based on how much time we expect the design to take to create, the material used, and how long it will take for our laser to do the job. If you accept the quote, you can pay it with an included link. The quote must be paid before work will begin. At this stage, if you want something made out of leather or a specific type of rubber we don’t have in stock, we can send you a shipping label to ship us the materials or (if you’re in the Chicago area) the address of a drop-off location.
Our designers will convert your images and ideas into a pattern that will work with our laser and cleaning processes. Once they’re finished, they’ll send you a mock-up image to approve or suggest changes. When you’re happy with the mock-up we’ll start cutting.
Our production drones will begin cutting and, if necessary, assembling your pieces into something that you can incorporate into your latex or leather project.
After the work is complete, we’ll package your items up, and ship them to you or (if you’re in the Chicago area) contact you about possible pick-up locations.


Design Time: $50/hr billed in 15-minute intervals *To save money, provide us with high-contrast images or graphics and have in mind what text and fonts you want us to use as well as the sizes your cut pieces need to be. The design process will be faster, costing you less. Cutting Time: $1.50/min billed in 1-second intervals *Thinner materials cut faster, so thick leather (for example) costs more to cut than a thinner piece.