Latex Repairs

That sudden feeling you get when your latex garment tears while you’re wearing it is (usually) less than sexy. Fortunately, NEOGASM’s shop is capable of repairing a variety of latex punctures, tears, and runs. We’ll even repair items from other designers. Also, most of our repairs cost less than $20 (excluding shipping)! Please keep in mind though that latex is a processed, plant-derived material, and like most plant-derived material, it will eventually decompose and degrade. Due to this, NEOGASM is only able to make repairs to garments where the latex is in good general condition. Keeping your latex clean, cool, dry, out of sunlight, and not in contact with metals will greatly increase how long your latex will last.

Here’s how the process works:

Start with the form below to get us the relevant information.
We’ll send you a quote for the repairs as well as a shipping label or (if you’re in the Chicago area) the address of a drop-off location for your item. If you accept the quote, you can pay it with an included link. The quote must be paid before repairs will begin.
Once we receive your garment, we’ll let you know and inspect the area to verify the extent of the damage. If everything looks right, we’ll begin by washing the affected area to remove any gunge (lube, sweat, other bodily fluids…really anything that isn’t latex). Then we’ll apply a patch to the damaged area on the back side of the latex to reinforce against further damage. If other repairs are necessary (reinforcing zippers, replacing hardware, etc.) we’ll contact you for details.
After the repairs are complete, we’ll powder the affected area so the garment won’t stick to itself, package it up, and ship it back to you or (if you’re in the Chicago area) contact you about possible pick-up locations.


Pinprick (smaller than a dime) $5 Small Tear (less than 2” long) $7 Medium Tear (2” – 6” long) $15 Large Tear (greater than 6” long) $20 Zippers and Hardware cost of parts + $20